Maximizing Health and Abilities in Individuals and the Workplace

Specializing in Ergonomics, Vocational Rehabilitation, Disability Management Exercise Therapy and Personal Training. Helping all individuals enjoy life to the fullest

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Exercise Therapy and Personal Training

In Home, Clinic, Gym or Pool Individualized exercise programs for people with: - Injuries, illness, and special needs - Beginners or professionals - To overcome problem areas in the body - Neurological conditions (stroke, ABI, Multiple Sclerosis) To facilitate Return to Work, or enhance everyday functioning and performance.


Ergonomic Assessments for Accommodation, Injury Prevention, Risk Analysis, PDA's, etc. We specialize in Ergonomics for all work sectors: Office, Government, Industrial, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Not-for-profit, Retail, and Farming.

Return to Work Planning and Disability Management

Comprehensive services include: Physical Demands Analyses, Functional Abilities Evaluations, Ergonomic Assessments and Accommodation, Job Coaching, Work Conditioning and Work Hardening, Functional Restoration and PGAP.


Knowledge and awareness is the first step towards good health. Click here for some links towards a variety of information about Kinesiology and Ergonomics.

We strive to eliminate and decrease the costs of disability by providing preventative, early and expert injury and health management services. We provide comprehensive disability management, vocational rehabilitation, preventatitve ergonomics, healthcare and rehabilitation services to optimize the performance and health of individuals in their work, daily living and sport.